Resilient: Becoming Faithful in an Upside Down World

posted by Alex Crosby | Mar 30, 2022


Psalm 31:1-7

As David lifts up his requests, he pleads that God may turn his ear to listen to the pleas of His child. God delights to hear from us and turn to him in these moments. When the outcome looks bleak and our world seems to be falling in around us, God desires to be our refuge and fortress. He hears our cries and responds to lead us out of danger. Our world can try to take away our hope and try to crush our spirits, but we know that God is a faithful God who never leaves or abandons his people. We have a hope that allows us to rejoice in hard times when everything else around us has crumbled. God has seen our troubles and cares for our souls through it all.

The psalmist is praying for rescue and protection, what do you desire God to rescue you from currently? What situation in your life right now feels out of control and you need shelter?

In Verse 7, the psalm switches from fearing the present situation to trusting in God’s unfailing love. Pray for God to reveal his unfailing love to you that you may trust in Him and know that He cares for you