Resilient: Becoming Faithful in an Upside Down World

posted by Brenton Banko | Apr 12, 2022


John 12:12-19

The Jewish people had a specific image of what their king would be. Their image of the promised king would be a militaristic figure that would wage war against the Roman Empire and free the Jewish people from their oppression. But, in Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, Jesus makes it clear that’s not the kind of king He is. The colt of a donkey also was symbolic of humility. Jesus did not come as a conquering militaristic and political leader. He came as a suffering servant. We know that Jesus is King. However, like the Jewish people, we create Jesus to fit our image of who we think He should be instead of accepting Him as He is. We would rather make Jesus into a mirror image of us, rather than becoming the mirror image of Him.

Take a few minutes to sit and reflect on who Jesus is and how He interacted with everyone He came across. Does every aspect of our lives match up with the life that Jesus lived?

What can we do to continue to reflect more of who Jesus was?