Resilient: Becoming Faithful in an Upside Down World

posted by Brenton Banko | Apr 14, 2022


John 13:21-38

These are stories of two men who traveled with Jesus. These are two stories of betrayal. This story shows us the brokenness of humanity isn’t selective. While this is a passage that tells of two betrayals, the end results are different. Judas, unfortunately, ends his story with death and regret, while Peter finds redemption. Though Peter, in the night that would follow, would go on to deny Jesus on three separate occasions. Later in life, he would die a martyr for he would not deny Jesus a fourth time. It’s the end of Peter’s life that teaches us that it’s God’s grace and redemption which spurs transformation. We experience our own brokenness on a day to day basis. We can trust God in moments that we fall, because we know that he is calling us back. It’s in His arms that we find the courage to continue to be transformed.

How can we create space for God to transform us on a daily basis?

Who are people in your life who can spur you on in your relationship with Jesus?