Membership at The Orchard is not about privilege, but about responsibility – specifically responsibility for our shared mission, vision, and core values (see here). To become a member at The Orchard each person will attend Discover the Orchard at their campus and sign a membership covenant. The covenant consists of 6 tenets:

   1. Profess faith in Jesus Christ, be baptized and commit to ongoing discipleship.

   2. Pray daily for The Orchard, its ministries, and staff.

   3. Tithe my income.

   4. Commit to a strategy of worship + 2 (celebrate in worship, connect to a group, commit to serve)

   5. Work with the Orchard Team in upholding and carrying out the Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

   6. Invite others to The Orchard, especially those you know who do not attend church.

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Membership Process

  • Attend The Orchard
  • Attend Discover The Orchard
  • Complete D6 Membership Track?
  • Sign Membership Covenant

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