A vision is an intended destination. The Orchard’s vision is to be a place devoted to the cultivation of fruit for Christ’s Kingdom. Thus, we want to use every resource, every idea, every ministry, every dollar, every effort to introduce people to that work: bearing fruit for Christ.


A mission is how one will accomplish the vision. The Orchard’s mission is to help people Grow Deep in the love of Christ and Branch Out to others with that love. Growing Deep is the work of introducing people to Jesus and helping them grow in their understanding of the Gospel. Branching Out is helping others learn how to give their lives away through serving.

Core Values

1. We have a high view of Christ and a high view of Scripture.

2. We believe that the primary context of discipleship is community.

3. We focus on reaching people no one else is reaching.

4. We aim to be Full of Grace and Full of Truth. 

5. We have a Priority for the Kingdom of Christ. 

To reach people no one else is reaching,

we must do the things no one else is doing.