OSM - Life of Joseph

posted by Joey Bates | Oct 28, 2021

OSM - The Resilient Life of Joseph 

In OSM, we've been walking through the Life of Joseph, and learning that: 

Spiritual Growth does not happen overnight. It's a journey and a process that God invites us on. It’s a journey where we learn we’re not the main character but God is. He wants us to live an abundant life of joy, forgiveness, and love.

Week 1: Gifts
  • Scripture: Genesis 37 
  • Bottom Line: When we worship our gifts, and not the giver, we are not living our journey. God is teaching Joseph, even in the midst of struggle God is still with us and working in it.
  • Follow Up Questions: 
  1. What gifts have God give each of us? What gifts do we have as a family? 
  2. In Joseph's story, how did he worship his own gift and not the giver? 
  3. How can we as a family use our gifts to impact the community around us for the Kingdom of God? 

Week 2: God is with us 
  • Scripture: Genesis 39 
  • Bottom Line: God is constant; through the highs and lows of life God remains with us. 
  • Follow Up Questions:
  1. What have been some ups and downs in your life?
  2. How have you seen God constant in Joseph's story? Have you seen Him be constant in yours? How?
  3. How can we share with people that God will never leave them or forsake them?

Week 3: Be Available
  • Scripture: Genesis 41
  • Bottom Line: God doesn’t look for amazing people to use for His plan, He looks for available people. If we remain available, He will surely use us.
  • Follow Up Questions:
  1. How was Joseph available to God? 
  2. How can we as a family be more available to what God is calling us to do? What are some practices that can help us be more available? Praying together? Reading the Scriptures together? 
  3. What is God calling our family to do in our community and what are we going to do about it? 
Week 4: God Shines Through Our Story
  • Scripture: Genesis 45
  • Bottom Line: When we submit to God as the One who is truly in charge of our story, He will restore the hearts of people and allow forgiveness, love, and reconciliation to shine through.
  • Follow Up Questions: 
  1. In this story, Joseph forgives his brother? How hard is it to forgive people who've wronged us? Why is it hard? 
  2. Joseph is able to forgive his family because he can see how God is using him. Joseph has the correct perspective on life. How can we make sure we have the correct perspective on life? How do we make sure we have God's perspective? 
  3. Is there anyone that we need to forgive right now? How are we going to go about doing that? 

Week 5: God is First 
  • Scripture: Genesis 50 
  • Bottom Line: We are not the main character in our story -- God is. He gives us dreams to bring about His purpose in the world. 
  • Follow Up Questions:
  1. How was Joseph's original dreams fulfilled here?
  2. Do you believe that God can and will fulfill your dreams? Are you okay if those dreams look differently than how you originally thought?
  3. How can we as a family continue to put God first as the main character of the story wherever we go?

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