Week Four_Happy Are The Hungry & Thirst // Reflection Guide // The Good Life

posted by Church Administrator | Oct 4, 2020

1. Read Matthew 5:6 

Jesus came to meet our deepest needs. He entered into our broken world to display God’s righteousness. Following the model of Christ that we are called to emulate, why should this compel you to meet others' needs?

2. In the book The Good Life, Dr. Derwin Gray writes “God is not looking for ability; he has plenty of that. He’s longing for availability to share his supernatural ability." How can you make yourself available to join God in displaying His righteousness in this broken world through His supernatural ability? 


Memorize Matthew 5:6. “God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied.”


Just as a person can not live without food and water, as Christians we can not live without God. Psalm 63 describes what it is like to long for God. Slowly read Psalm 63:1-5 meditating on each word or phrase. Pen your own Psalm describing what it is like for you to hunger and thirst for God.


Surprisingly to some, there are many people in our region who go to bed hungry due to food insecurity. One of the things that we are called to do as Christians is to care for the poor and hungry and help bring justice to assisting them in the most basic areas in life. This week, spend a little extra on groceries and take them to your local food pantry or homeless shelter in order to help those who are in need.