Resilient: Becoming Faithful in an Upside Down World

posted by Megan Oates | Mar 21, 2022


Psalm 19

Here in Psalm 19, we are invited to marvel at God’s beautiful handiwork and creativity. We’re reminded how powerful, majestic, and intricate He is. This psalm brings us back to our humanity by helping us understand that we were made to discover and declare the glory of God. We were made to be in awe of Him and all His wonders. Our desire should be to know Him more and make Him known. We are reminded by verses 1-4 that creation is constantly singing the Creator’s praises. Worship isn’t just Sunday mornings; it’s our constant response to the glory and power of our incredible Creator. Psalm 19 reminds us of the beauty of God and the importance of embracing and practicing true worship.

How do you enjoy worshiping God?

Whether it is singing to Him, journaling, or just sitting in nature, take some extra time during this Lenten season to spend that special time with Him.