Resilient: Becoming Faithful in an Upside Down World

posted by Megan Oates | Mar 22, 2022


1 Corinthians 1:18-25  

In today’s passage, we read about the grace story of Jesus that makes no sense to our human minds. Why would God send His son to die on a cross? And why would His Son willingly go to that cross to die? The story of Jesus, the cross, and the beauty of salvation should amaze us every time. These verses bring us back to the place of knowing that we are completely powerless without the power of God and the power of the cross. When we tell others about the Good News of Jesus, it’s not our wisdom, but His. It’s not our power to save, but His.

When you think of Jesus and the cross, what do you think of?

What emotions arise within you?

Whether your salvation story is one of dramatic redemption, or you began a relationship at a young age, both stories are powerful and resulted in life change. Take a moment to reflect on your time of salvation, and thank God for sending His son to rescue you and for the relationship you can now have with Him.