Resilient: Becoming Faithful in an Upside Down World

posted by Alex Crosby | Apr 6, 2022


Psalm 40:5-10

The Psalmist says that God’s plans are too numerous for us to list. If we were to try and recite all of the wonderful things that God had done for us, we would never come to the end of them. It can be difficult to keep this mindset in our world today. We may know in our minds that God has great plans for his children, but it can be extremely difficult to submit ourselves to that plan. We thank God for the areas and moments in our lives that we can look back on and see the goodness and faithfulness of God, but we also thank Him for the moments where we did not see Him working. We know that He remains faithful and His love never fails.

Take some time to slowly repeat and reflect on verse 5. What plans come to mind when you do that? What wonderful deeds do you think of?

Do you take joy in doing God’s will? If not, ask the Lord for opportunities to form that within you