Resilient: Becoming Faithful in an Upside Down World

posted by Brenton Banko | Apr 9, 2022


Psalms 118:1-14

Psalms 118 opens with repetition of praise for the enduring love of God. As the psalm continues, we see that the author of this psalm has been in distress and calling out to God in the midst of unfavorable circumstances. He paints a picture of a man suffocated by forces outside of his control, yet his praise persists. This psalm ends with an admonition that “The Lord is my strength and my song; He has given me victory.” We cannot control what life will throw our way. The only thing we can control is our reaction to those circumstances and our perspective in those moments. When we feel suffocated by forces beyond our control, will we respond with cynicism or with praise? Will we remember that no matter what life may throw at us, the love of God is everlasting and remains the same?

In moments where we overcome difficult seasons of life, what do we praise?

Do we praise ourselves for powering through it or praise God for sustaining us?

What lifestyle changes can we make to become people who are more quick to praise God?