Week Seven_Happy Are The Peacemakers // Reflection Guide // The Good Life

posted by Church Administrator | Oct 25, 2020

1. Read Matthew 5:9

The only way to be a peacemaker is if we have had peace made between us and God. That is, that our hearts have been made pure first, then peacemaking follows. How does your relationship with Jesus affect the way we have relationships with others?

2. Take a moment to do a self-examination on peacemaking: 

Would people who know you most intimately say that you are a peacemaker? Would people who read your social media posts say you are a peacemaker? Would people who know you say that you participate in gossip, slander, deception, and lies? How would people who know you say you engage in conflict? How would people say you interact with people on the opposite end of the political spectrum? Would people say you pursue peace amid the racial division in America?  


Memorize Matthew 5:9. “God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.”


It is nearly impossible for us to work to sow peace in our world around us when there is dissension or pain happening within our own souls. Take some time in prayer this week to allow God to sow peace within your heart and within your soul so that you might become a peacemaker in the world.


Take one step this week towards sowing peace. Whether that means offering a helping hand to a neighbor, or to speak kind words about someone or something on social media. This week, look for ways to be intentional about sowing peace in our world where peace can be so hard to find.