posted by Joey Bates | Mar 7, 2023

TUESDAY - Psalm 121

The Psalms are some of the greatest gifts we have in our Bibles. They are a collection of prayers that express the full gambit of human emotion. The Psalm we read today is known as a Psalm of ascent. It was read by people on their way to Jerusalem for worship. It was a Psalm read on the journey to forgiveness, restoration, and new life. 

Lent is a journey towards resurrection. It’s a journey where we are leaving behind the valleys of death and ascending to the city of God. That journey can feel long and arduous. Ascending, walking up hill, is not always easy. But, as we ascend to meet with God, the Psalm reminds us that God is not just at the end of the journey, but beside us on the way. 

Pray through this Psalm today. Put yourself in the shoes of those who are walking up the hill to meet with God. Hear yourself say the words, “The Lord stands beside me.” 

Lent, like life, is a journey towards God. Today, we are reminded that He is with us and is helping us on the way.