posted by Alex Crosby | Mar 14, 2023

TUESDAY - Psalm 95

Psalm 95 is a call to worship psalm. A text that calls believers to enter into a place of worship to glorify God. With joy in our hearts and thanksgiving on our lips, we gather to sing songs of praise to the one who made us. The psalmist writes that He holds in his hands the depths of the Earth and the mightiest mountains, for he made it. We remember the moments in the past where God has helped us and provided for us, and we look forward to the wonderful things He will do in the future for those who trust in Him. 

Today, let us walk through our day with these words in our minds: “We are the people he watches over, the flock under his care.” When we see ourselves in this light, it changes the worries and stresses that we find in our day-to-day lives. We are reminded of our place in creation when we survey the wonderful deeds of God. We begin to see God’s work as our shepherd, gently guiding and patiently protecting us each and everyday. When a worry comes in our hearts today, repeat these words over and over in your heart. Instead of feeling our hearts harden to the voice of God, God’s peace will enter into your hearts and praises will flow out your mouth.