Week 3 // Table Talk // Pull Up a Chair

posted by Church Administrator | Nov 1, 2020

Table Talk Week 3

In a culture that is all about “me,” God calls us to lay down our fears and seek the good of others. The Bible tells us that we are all sinners, but most times we don’t consider ourselves as bad as some other notorious sinners. We’ve been taught to keep away from a whole range of unsavory people, especially people who are rough around the edges. 

  • In 1 Samuel  21:1-6 David is running for his life. He has nowhere to go. He is so desperate that he lies to the priest. He tells Ahimelek that he is alone because he is on a secret mission from the king and that he’ll meet up with his men later. Do you know any people who are desperate, on the run, doing whatever they have to do to survive? Do you know the story behind why they are on the run? Does knowing their story help you to see them in a different light? 

  • We’re not called to lower our standards or sin in order to spend time with unholy people, but we are called to interpret what is going on with them in light of what God has done for us in Jesus.  In our sin, Jesus came for us.  He didn’t run from us, he ran to us.  If we are going to be like Jesus, we can’t look at people’s unholiness and reject them.  Go around the table and talk about how your life has changed since you have been saved. How can you use your influence to help lead others to Christ and away from sin.  

Guided Prayer

In this season, there will be people at your table who are on the run, desperate, and in need. There will be people at your table who are unholy and sinful. If we want to be like Jesus then we won’t keep them at arms length, we’ll pull up a chair and invite these people to be part of our lives. We will  meet their needs. We won’t reject them as profane as the rest of the world does, as sometimes the church does, but we’ll see them as Jesus does - as children of God for whom he died. Use the prayer prompt below to have an open heart for people in need.

God, oftentimes I dismiss people who I  deem sinful and unholy. I see their sins and their wrong doings rather than seeing their heart. Give me the mind of Christ that I may see people, regardless of their current circumstances, as your dearly loved sons and  daughters. Give me the courage to invite them to my table  so that they may experience your love through me.