Week 4 // Table Talk // Pull Up a Chair

posted by Church Administrator | Nov 1, 2020

Table Talk Week 4

This week’s focus is about extending grace. There are two main figures in this week's story: David and Mephibosheth. Maybe some of us are Mephibosheth. We have ended up in a place no one ever wants to be. We have felt the weight of shame, or the pain of words. Our pain might be our own doing or like Mephibosheth, our pain may be the doing of someone else. If you find yourself in Mephibosheth’s position, go around the table and talk about the steps you can (will) take towards healing. If you are not in a position to share, in the coming week journal about the steps you will take. 

Maybe some of us are King David. We may not have it all figured out. We have our faults and failures but if we have experienced the love and grace of God, we need to extend it. Maybe in this season there are those who need a table to sit at – not because they deserve it but because we have a chair. Go around the table and talk about who needs to experience kindness. When will you invite them to pull up a chair? 

Guided Prayer

Use the prayer prompt below to invite God to help you extend grace. 

God, it is not always easy to extend grace because grace calls me to love someone who I don’t always feel deserve it. I am mindful that you extended grace to me, even when I did not deserve it. So, I ask that by your Spirit, you give me the power and the strength to be compassionate, kind, and loving to everyone I encounter.