KickStart works to reveal to 6th grade students that God loves them, wants to have a relationship with them, and desires for them to share His love with others through their words or actions. We strive to make our area a fun and exciting place for kids to come and enjoy their time in worship and in small groups with incredible servant leaders who are eager to pour into students.



WE BELIEVE an intimate relationship with Jesus is the only way.
WE BELIEVE in the development and deepening of that relationship.
WE BELIEVE in making each person who walks into our church feel welcomed.
WE BELIEVE that each student feels that they belong when they come to KickStart.
WE BELIEVE in real worship.
WE BELIEVE in reaching out to others and being missional-minded.

We have worship, a teaching, and break off into small groups with our servant leaders to further go in depth of what we discussed that night.

Where does KickStart meet?


Tupelo Student Ministry

Emily Crosby

Emily Crosby

Student Minister
Riley Newton

Riley Newton

Student Minister